i’m not even sure how to thank all the people who’ve contributed to the ideas in this.

i’ll do a quick list or something.

but first, i’d like to thank nica and FrankE for beta reading the manuscript and adding their comments. you’ve made this book so much richer and awesome by gracing it with your words/ideas.

a lot of the people who’ve influence my ideas in this book are on tumblr. whatever. here is a list of people:

  • sofriel
  • blackfoxx
  • strugglingtobeheard
  • riley
  • christine
  • anagrammaton
  • rubato
  • tala
  • girljanitor
  • ipit
  • titotibok
  • angrybrownbaby
  • rumplestiltsqueer
  • imnotevilimjustwrittenthatway

er… this is who i can remember off the top of my head. but this list shouldn’t be understood as complete.

thank you all for continuously challenging me to think harder and be creative.