For Authors

Interested in having your work hosted and published with biyuti publishing?
Please refer to the Mission to see whether or not you and your work suits biyuti publishing.
In order to achieve these goals, biyuti publishing will offer services to creators to facilitate the above goals. These services include:

  1. Formatting the creative work in one of two formats: pdf and epub. 
  2. Hosting and distributing the works on biyuti publishing’s website.
  3. Doing a legal deposit of the work at Library and Archives Canada. Legal deposits with the USA Copyright Office have a fee of $35, which will be discussed on a case by case scenario.
  4. Posting the works on Amazon and other ebook retailers.

I do want to make it clear that editorial services will not be offered. first, because as an alternative press intended for resistance, forcing the authors to adhere to arbitrary grammar rules just isn’t going to happen.
This publishing house, more than anything, is intended for those writers who, for any reason whatsoever, do not either have the ability or inclination to navigate the somewhat complicated but very tedious legal and commercial avenues for publishing.