Janet Mock’s #transbookdrive

Biyuti Publishing is partnering with Janet Mock to give books to incarcerated trans people. Please support the campaign to make this possible! :D

i just want freedom by b. binaohan

b. binaohan’s 100 philosophical prose poems on freedom and oppression is now available! Biyuti Publishing subscribers can read the web book. And others can purchase it via the website or …Read more

By popular demand!

So, a while back I decided to try using Stripe as the Biyuti Publishing payment solution for memberships. It appears that this isn’t a situation that works well for a …Read more

Perks are Starting to be Shipped

Supporters of Biyuti Publishing that selected a signed copy of the decolonizing trans/gender 101 should be receiving their copies sometime in the near future… :D Other perks will be sent …Read more