FYI: decolonizing trans/gender 101

Realizing we forgot to mention an important point re: decolonizing trans/gender 101. The book was actually peer-reviewed before it was published (with more peer-reviewers in the pipeline for the web-book). …Read more

decolonizing trans/gender 101

b. binaohan’s first print book is now available! decolonizing trans/gender 101 is a short, accessible disruption of the hegemonic and imperial aspirations of white trans/gender theory. it seeks to remedy …Read more

We did it!

Wow. Thanks to a very generous donation today, we’ve reached our goal with 10 days left to spare! This is unbelievably amazing and we wish we could tell you how …Read more

Stripe or Paypal?

Hey. So due to ideological reasons, we’ve decided to go with Stripe as the payment gateway for subscriptions1. While it is technically possible to have both Paypal and Stripe as …Read more

so I fail at running a business…

Okay. Okay. Months **months** after the fact, I’ve noticed that I’m not getting emails for whenever someone fills out the [contact form]. I’m incredibly sorry and I’m going to be …Read more

Subscriptions are coming soon…

So this year is going to be a *big* year for biyuti publishing. There are maybe six or seven books in the pipeline. And from notable writers like [Ryka Aoki]( …Read more