Janet Mock’s #transbookdrive

Biyuti Publishing is partnering with Janet Mock to give books to incarcerated trans people. Please support the campaign to make this possible! :D

By popular demand!

So, a while back I decided to try using Stripe as the Biyuti Publishing payment solution for memberships. It appears that this isn’t a situation that works well for a …Read more

Perks are Starting to be Shipped

Supporters of Biyuti Publishing that selected a signed copy of the decolonizing trans/gender 101 should be receiving their copies sometime in the near future… :D Other perks will be sent …Read more

FYI: decolonizing trans/gender 101

Realizing we forgot to mention an important point re: decolonizing trans/gender 101. The book was actually peer-reviewed before it was published (with more peer-reviewers in the pipeline for the web-book). …Read more

We did it!

Wow. Thanks to a very generous donation today, we’ve reached our goal with 10 days left to spare! This is unbelievably amazing and we wish we could tell you how …Read more