Site migration is over!

But there are still a few bugs/kinks that I need to work out. If you purchase at this time, the download link will likely be broken and I’ll have to …Read more

Call for contributions!

Now that The Manatee has been announced, it is time to make the first call for contributions. I am looking for 10 works for the inaugural issue. Would you like …Read more

Announcing: The Manatee!

Yes. The Manatee.[1. eternal thanks to voz for the suggested name.] This will be the journal produced by biyuti publishing. The goal is to have a periodical dedicated to publishing …Read more

Now available on Kindles!

For those people without paypal or with Kindles, you can now get The Womanist Musings Posts in the Kindle store!  

Technical Difficulties

I’m aware that there are ongoing problems with the shopping cart and people being unable to reach the checkout page. My sincere apologies! It looks like the plugin I chose …Read more

First book launch on March 7, 2013

Now that the website is up and running, biyuti publishing is focusing on launching the first book: The Womanist Musing Posts: Nascent Thoughts on Gender and Colonialism by b. binaohan …Read more